rockandco whole team photograph

At Rock and Co we are a ‘family’, we are real people working hard to deliver the best quality and service in the industry because that is what you deserve.

Take a look below at some of our team who will be working with you.

Individual Profiles

anthony morgan rock and co

Anthony Morgan

Managing Director
Favourite Food: KFC
Hobbies: Family
Favourite Film: The Game
Service Length: The Beginning!
Anthony Tagliarini rock and co

Anthony Tagliarini

Sales Manager
Favourite Food: Seafood
Hobbies: Cars
Favourite Film: Wolf of Walstreet
Service Length: The Beginning
picture of nicki our client liaison and care manager

Nicki Demetriou

Customer Service & Liaison
Favourite Food: Kebab
Hobbies: Gym
Favourite Film: Bridget Jones’ Diary
Service Length: 4 years
Ross Gamble rock and co

Ross Gamble

CNC Operator & Fitter
Favourite Food: Steak
Hobbies: Fitness
Favourite Film: Snatch
Service Length: 2.5 years
Keiran Mulholland rock and co

Keiran Mulholland

Fabrication & CNC
Favourite Food: Curry
Hobbies: Football
Favourite Film: Snatch
Service Length: 2.5 years
michael buckmaster rock and co

Michael Buckmaster

Favourite Food: Curry
Hobbies: Fishing
Favourite Film: Scarface
Service Length: 2.5 years
Pedro Junusovs rock and co

Alex 'Pedro' Junusovs

Stone Mason / Fitter
Favourite Food: Steak
Hobbies: Fitness
Favourite Film: Lock Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrells
Service Length: 2 years
Tom Smith rock and co

Tom 'Tommy Tucker' Smith

Milldown King
Favourite Food: Sunday Roast
Hobbies: Pub
Favourite Film: True Grit
Service Length: 3.5 years
jake bowden rock and co

Jake Bowden

Laser Template Technician
Favourite Food: Shepards Pie
Hobbies: Sport
Favourite Film: Rocky 4
Service Length: 6 years
paul bristow rock and co

Paul Bristow

Laser Template Technician
Favourite Food: Italian
Hobbies: Playing live music in my band
Favourite Film: Leon
Service Length: 1 year
Pat Morgan rock and co

Pat 'Grandad Pat' Morgan

Keeps everything working
Favourite Food: Mashed Potatoes & Carrots + lashings of gravy
Hobbies: Driving & Stargazing
Favourite Film: Titanic
Service Length: The Beginning