Our Marble Effect Quartz Collection

We have a stunning range of Calacatta and Carrara Quartz options for anybody looking for a striking and unique look in their kitchen.

We were the first company to introduce the Calacatta and Carrara styles to the UK in the Quartz material and we still carry the most stock and the biggest selection.

Calacatta Quartz Colours

Carrara Quartz Colours

What is a marble effect quartz?

We take one of earths most beautiful materials and make it better! Marble is one of the all time favourite materials for interior design, it has stood up throughout all the latest trends with it’s distinctive veining and depth of colour.

With natural marble, no two slabs are the same, which is great if you want something really individual in your kitchen, such as a stand-out central island, however with kitchen islands getting bigger all the time, the only option is to move to a quartz which allows you to have a large area without joins. Even if you do have joins in your quartz they are easily hidden and much easier to miss since the slabs are produced in batches and colour match isn’t a problem.

At Rock & Co we can also bookmatch the veins that run in the slab, so for the largest islands, upstands, splashbacks and island end panels – we can design and produce the perfect matched look. We also have the UK’s first book match material which is in our popular Calacatta Vanquish – these are two slabs produced as a mirror image!

Quartz surfaces in a marble design, therefor are a fantastic solution for anybody looking for the unique styling of marble in their home and kitchen, with none of the drawbacks associated with marble (we have talked about some of these below). Quartz recreates the natural beauty of marble, while being easy to maintain. Quartz is completely non-porous, is scratch resistant and stain resistant.

Marble effect vs natural marble

Durability of natural marble can be a problem in a busy environment such as the kitchen, since it isn’t the best at being hardwearing, non-porous or easy to keep clean. Real Marble actually absorbs liquids quite well, in fact liquids such as cooking oil, wine, juices and cooking sauces. Marble can be sealed to help prevent this issue, however it will need to be resealed over time. Scratches can be easily made using knives and moving equipment around on the marble, this leads to a poor appearance and can increase the risk of bacteria build up.

You guessed it, if marble is easy to scratch, then surely it is easy enough to chip or crack…yes is the answer and this is simply not good enough for a busy family kitchen.

So as you can see, our Marble Effect Quartz eliminates all the hassle and delivers on beauty. Please get in touch today to find out more.